Spanish 2Go is the essential beginner’s Spanish app from Pimsleur®, the most effective language learning program ever developed. Pimsleur has over 50 years of language teaching experience in over 50 languages, and now we are bringing that expertise to Iphone with this practical new travel app!
With this quick and easy program you’ll learn how to begin a conversation with anyone in Spanish and practice essential conversations you will have as a traveler in a Spanish-speaking country. You’ll see how easy speaking Spanish can be.
Learn more than just vocabulary, it’s not just a Phrasebook… Listen to Unit 1of Pimsleur’s Spanish to get an introduction to the language. Then learn actual conversations such as ordering in a restaurant, checking into your hotel, and asking directions. Our process will have you sounding like a real native speaker by the time you land.  Then keep the searchable flashcards on hand to use as a phrasebook on your travels.

Available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian.


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