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An entirely new concept, a vook blends text and video into a single, complete story.

With a vook you can:  
Read your book
Watch videos that highlight key moments in the story
View visual how-to’s
Connect with authors and other readers.

And you can do it all in one place! Gone are the days of switching between
applications or websites to read, watch, and connect.

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From Cape Town With Love, by Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due and Steve Barnes

Hold on! Handsome hero, Tennyson Hardwick, takes you on a thrill-ride like never before. This time to South Africa.
Watch From Cape Town with Love via your desktop or mobile device. Blair Underwood stars as your favorite private eye Tennyson Hardwick in a fully integrated video and reading experience made available by the Vook. You can now follow Tennyson as he travels across continents, fights villains, narrowly escapes death, and seduces . . . well you’ll just have to find out for yourself. 

Promises, by Jude Deveraux

Jude Deveraux’s newest novella, Promises, will captivate old and new fans alike.  Through a ground breaking blend of video and text, they are drawn into a world where a beautiful young writer, Ethne McTern, finds herself falling for the last man she ever expected to love, Jamie Armitage. In this interactive new format, plot twists and turns will reveal themselves as readers watch and read their way through the story of Jamie and Ethne’s love and unravel the mystery, murders and intrigue in 19th century plantation life.  

90 Second Fitness Solution, by Pete Cerqua with Alisa Bowman


Experience Pete Cerqua’s powerful program, The 90-Second Fitness Solution, in the new format of a vook.  You can read or watch Pete demonstrating the key elements of his highly successful program, showing you how to shop smart, and teaching you quick and delicious recipes that will keep you in shape.

Most workout programs don't succeed in keeping weight off in the long term. Pete Cerqua's program breaks the mold by offering truly repeatable strength training exercises – that last no more than 90 seconds -- and implementable nutritional guidelines. The vook can be viewed on your desktop as a full screen, immersive experience, or on your mobile device so you can enjoy it anywhere.

Embassy, by Richard Doetsch


Bestselling author Richard Doetsch has crafted an ingenious tale of suspense, intrigue, and magic, brought vividly to life with dazzling video components that advance the storyline and are seamlessly integrated into the narrative.  Embassy is a surprising and utterly orginial thriller that blends a dash of fantasy with page-turning suspense.  High-quality, original video embedded into the text brings this story dramatically and spectacularly to life. The vook can be viewed on your desktop as a full screen, immersive experience, or on your mobile device so you can enjoy it anywhere.

Return to Beauty: Old World Recipes For Great Radiant Skin, by Narine Nikogosian


For the first time ever, renowned aesthetician Narine Nikogosian's world of natural beauty is available as a full screen, immersive experience on your desk top or on your mobile device for access anywhere, anytime.  Return to Beauty is a must have for all women interested in maintaining their inner and outer beauty offering  tips and techniques for every season. Watch and read how Narine can help you restore your glow.